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Doctor Martha Jones
Voice of a Nightingale
Canon Tidbits 
26th-Apr-2009 10:25 am
Getting Out
This information came from the Doctor Who novel 'The Story of Martha' by Dan Abnett. This details some of what happens during the Year-That-Never -Was

Things she's seen/Places she's been
(She's been to more, but I am just naming the ones in the book.)
Cursus Hill
Paris Crater
Burned Fields of Picardy and Artois
Fortified sea walls and razor wire of the Channel coast
San Diego
New York is ruins
Poisoned Caspian Sea
Frozen Nile
Shipyard Number One that had once been Russia
Surcourt, France
Belsour, France
Travent-Ville, France
Aisonagne, France
Banville, France
Izmir, Turkey
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Yokohama, Japan
Islands of Japan on fire - this was the first time she let herself cry since the start of her journey:

(In her hurry to escape, Martha had left Hito, Takami, and the other volunteers to cope in the hinterlands... She had known the Master would be angry. She had known he would be vindictive. She had hoped he would send forces in to seize and dismantle the Drast plant at Koban. She had underestimated his venom. She had underestimated too much. He wasn't going to be vindictive. He was going to be genocidal.

The islands of Japan burned.

The islands were on fire. Gigantic plumes of flame gusged up out of Tokyo and Chia. Though the ship was far out at sea, flakes of soot fluttered down onto them.

For the first and only time in her year of walking, Martha allowed herself to cry.

She cried for a long time.)

People she met
Aleesha - nine years-old. Survivor of the initial attack. Martha saved her life and brought her to a refugee camp. Aleesha was the one who gave Martha the will to complete her mission. Before she had lost all hope. Aleesha gave Martha a pin that read "Hooray! I am Nine!"

Griffin - Member of the UCF assigned in hunting Martha Jones down. Has a scar on his face. Pursued her through many countries, over many months, until he was captured and thrown into the Aka Labour Camp in Yokohama with Martha. He end up helping to execute an escape of the camp with Martha, but the Toclafane end up killing him

Mathieu - French man in Belgium who was part of the resistance called the 'Underground'. He helped Martha get back home to London after her year was up. Martha saved his life once when the UCF was about to raid of a flash market (where hijacked supplies are distributed on a first come, first serve basis in an unknown location). Mathieu took Martha all the way to meet with the Underground for their initial meeting. She took with her a Polaroid of him and her and Yves at Surcourt.

Brigadier Erik Calvin - Ex-Royal Marines, Ex-UNIT. Leader of the Eastern Underground. He was the one who gave Martha the idea to make it look like she was gathering a Time Lord weapon to fool the Master.

Hito - A Japanese slave at the Aka Labour Camp. He gathered slaves for Martha to tell her stories to and he went with her when she was transferred to the Koban factory camp. He died when the Master sent the Toclafane to burn Japan. 'Burn the islands. Yes, burn them... oh come on. Venegence can be so much fun!'

Events that happened
- In Ljubljaba, 5 members of the Underground died getting her out of the city.
- Headquarters of the Munich cell raided two days after she passed through (all Resistance members who hadn't gone out in time had been imprisoned in a camp in Hungary)
- A cell in Belgrade had been wiped out by the Toclafane the night before Martha had been scheduled to link with them at Kladanj
- Martha spent 3 days on the run in the Trebevic forests
- Apart from the basic security people, 3 different kill-teams were sent after her.
- Along with 40 others, Martha was captured and brought to the Aka Labour Camp in Yokohama, Japan.
- After volunteering to transfer to the Koban plant in Japan, Martha met up with an alien race called the Drast who were covertly invading Earth already before the Master arrived. They were trying to leave the Earth when Martha told them a story about the Doctor.

Modes of Transportation
Turkish Air Force Helicopter (Bulgarian Underground)
Dog Sled
Steamers and container ships
200 mile on a freight train
Most often: On Foot

Stories she told

The Weeping - On an ice planet called Agelaos that was situated close to a wormhole, Martha and the Doctor met a man named Waechter. He was the only surviving human on the planet which was a human colony. In order to survive, he was hooked up to a beacon warning people to stay away because there were unknown monsters on the planet. The man was psychic and slowly evolving into one of the unknown monsters.

He said to Martha: "Look to your family. Protect them. They will need you to be strong, so very strong, Martha Jones."
He said to the Doctor: "And for you, Time Lord, there are endings coming. There will be loss and death."

Then Waechter evolved into one of the monsters and they the Doctor and Martha left the planet

Breathing Space - Martha and the Doctor land on an Earth space station in 2088. The world is suffering from global warming and apparently an alien race called the 'Benefactors' (though they are really called Cineraria) offered to help get rid of all the polluted air. The Cineraria were secretly trying to take over the world through stealth, but the Doctor foiled their plan.

The Frozen Waste - Martha and the Doctor went to Earth in 1890. They teamed up with a man named Pierre Bruyere who wanted to take a hot air balloon to the Arctic. But a ice monster who fed on dreams manipulated their journey. The Doctor tried to fill up the monster with all of his adventures but it wasn't enough. Martha had to join up with the Doctor and feed the monster her dreams too because the monster ate itself to death on their dreams.

Star-Crossed - The TARDIS landed on a 'Generation' ship carrying a colony from Earth to another planet. They were in the vast emptiness of space between two star systems when the energy reserves went critically low. The Doctor and Martha get thrown into a civil war between the colonists and clones called 'Artificials'. The Doctor ends up revealing they are all Artificials as the real colonists died in cryogenic hibernation and the feud ends.

Items she carried with her in her backpack: Binoculars, matches, dog whistle, water bottle, knife

Keepsakes: Polaroid of Martha, Mathieu, & Yves in Surcourt, a Saint Christopher medal given to her by a woman in Ljubljana (who died later so Martha could live), a little silver Islamic pendant that Korbov said she should take, a lucky rabbits foot from Brigadier Calvin (it was his fathers), a small plastic badge that read 'Hooray! I am Nine!' (from Aleesha)

When Martha was 4, she broke her arm while in the park with her brother. She flew off the swing set and it broke. When she got to the hospital and she learned her arm could fix herself, that was when she decided she was going to become a doctor. For Christmas that year she was given a toy stethoscope, and books on how the body worked.
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