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Doctor Martha Jones

Voice of a Nightingale

Martha Jones
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Name: Martha Jones
Age: 25
Birthday: October 1st 1984
Fandom: Doctor Who
Brief Bio:Martha Jones was born in 1984 to Clive Jones and his wife Francine Jones. Martha had an older sister named Tish Jones. Three years later her younger brother Leo Jones was born. When Martha reached her twenties the Battle of Canary Wharf occured, during which her cousin Adeola Oshodi died. Sometime after that Martha became an aunty when Keisha Jones, Leo's daughter, was born. Her dad had an affair with Annalise. When her mother found out, Mr. and Mrs. Jones split up and continued to fight over family events.

The twenty-four-year-old Martha was working at Royal Hope Hospital under a Mr Stoker when she encountered the Doctor. She encountered him (first) on the street, then gave him a cursory physical (and learnt that he had two hearts) then later helped him defeat a Plasmavore "Florence Finnegan" when the hospital was transported to the Moon by the Judoon. That evening, she was invited by the Doctor to join him on his travels. The Doctor insisted, however, that he had not brought Martha aboard the TARDIS as a replacement for his previous companion, Rose Tyler.

She travelled with the Doctor over space and time, meeting people like Shakespeare and the Jack Harckness. She also met the Master who tried to destroy the Earth. During this time, Martha pretended to make a weapon that would kill the Master. She said that she had witnessed the Toclafane burn the islands of Japan. She spent a year on earth telling everyone to think of the Doctor at a specific time so that the Master could be defeated. This plan worked and the Master was shot by his wife Lucy Saxon.

As a result of the destruction of the Master's Paradox Machine, only Martha, her family, and everyone else who was on board the Valiant remembered that year spent with the Master. Although the Doctor wanted her to stay with him, she decided that her family needed her more, and stayed on Earth to complete her training as a doctor.however, she gave the Doctor her enhanced mobile phone, saying that she would call him in the future when she needed him.

Martha spent about two years travelling with the Doctor
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